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To activate a business function you would need a role assignment for SFW:

SFW - assignment role for SFW.jpg

The critical parameter is object ‘S_SWITCH’ activity ‘07’

It is recommended to limit the user assignment in the development system where as the sandbox should be generous in here.

Business Function Activation

Overview and Analysis of BF: Transaction SFW5

The transaction SFW5 provides the current available business functions. A proposal of interesting business functions could be triggered by SAP free of charge using SAP Business Function Prediction process. In brief, upload of daily used transaction profile which is processed and ends up in a list of supporting functionalities in these functional areas.

When a function might be interesting, the details could be analyzed in the transaction code SFW5.


In case of industry solution check the Business Function Set:

SFW - Business Function Set.jpg

Dependencies: SFW - Dependencies.jpg Multi level analysis of preconditioned active business functions

SFW - Analysis - Active Business Functions.jpg

Documentation SFW - Documentation.jpg provides in the help portal the chapter with an rough overview of the function:

SFW - Function Overview.jpg

Release Information SFW - Release Information.jpg leads to a more detailed description:

SFW - Release Information - Short Descr..jpg

Test cases are assigned to the specific business function as well:

SFW - Test Case.jpg

In the actual business function it provides even the link to customizing guide (however not working later on):

SFW - Customizing Guide.jpg

To activate a business function you have to be aware that it might be irreversible therefore it is recommended not to use the core line but to use a sandbox system like IDES or review with the SAP Basis Team the actual system setup.

The switch framework browser provides more technical information of the switch:

SFW - technical Information1.jpg

SFW - technical Information2.jpg

SFW - technical Information3.jpg

Detailed Analysis of the Business Function: SFW2

The main focus should be on the “reversibility” of the business function:

SFW - SFW2.jpg

However to reverse is technically possible whereas the sandbox / IDES approach is more appropriated. If you do not have a sandbox handy, prepare carefully how SAP supports the way back.

Activation of a Business Function

Mark it in SFW5 (for instance) and process the wand ‘Activate Changes’:

SFW - SFW5 Active Changes.jpg

Afterwards a job is processed to activate the changes. It could change for instance: • data elements (activation of an IS-U system), • implement IMG Nodes (BC Sets) • or just set a switch to active which is used to process some additional lines of code [==> Switch Framework Browser]. o To find a useful break you may check the class:

SFW - Debugger.jpg

Transportation of the Business Function

In case of some manual enhancements of customizing for the enhanced functionality (copy of standard objects for instance) the content is recorded in a regular transport. But the activation itself needs to be transported manually. Unfortunately it could not be sorted out, which Business Function is going to be activated. As some irreversible business functions are existing it is strongly recommended to review all the systems of the transport routes. If there are discrepancies of the active switches talk back to the basis team. You may switch on the Business Function in the particular system manually until these circumstances are sorted out. You need to open the specific system via SCC4 / SE06 which needs to be processed in close contact with the basis team. Running processes in the system check the settings of the switches and if there is no maintenance window planned, you may face a lot of short dumps.

SFW - Transportation Of Business Fuction.jpg

The relevant table is: SFW_ACTIVE_B2

So noted here a full transport could be initiated with SFW5 as well:

SFW - Transportation Of Business Fuction2.jpg

Is it all new?

Since we have EhP7 available and the ECC is going to be supported (please verify always online) at least until 2025 it is still relevant. During some knowledge transfer workshops it pointed out that the functionality is not known to functional consultants in general, whereas the Logistics Extension Sets of R/3 4.7 used worked similar and you still can activate the value added services or the direct store delivery backend function in your ERP.

SFW - Display Switch.jpg

Top 10 of the Switches:

Check out the internet for mostly used Business Functions:

SFW - Top10 Switches.jpg